The Great Gatsby Ballet is a choreographic show combining three types of art: classical ballet, modern dance and cinema. The main concept of The Great Gatsby Ballet is to go beyond the already existing genres. The production was created by one of the most famous composers and producer Konstantin Meladze, the director-choreographer Dwight Roden, who works with Cirque Du Soleil, puts on the show for Prince, U2 and Lenny Kravica, dance scenes for Hollywood movies.
Art director and performer of the main party is the only winner of four Grand prix of leading ballet competitions, the star of world ballet Denis Matvienko. Also the team included: Yuri Shepeta (composer, author of the second act), Alexander and Igor Stekolenko (authors of video projections), Dmitry Paradizov (costume designer), Vyacheslav Okunev (production designer).
The main themes described in the novel “The Great Gatsby” are close to people at all times: vanity and betrayal, love and envy, dreams and … loneliness. Therefore, to create the ballet The Great Gatsby Ballet decided without binding to any time, leaving only the easy flair of the 20s. The world premiere of the ballet took place on October 28, 2014 in Kiev. The first performances were held in Kiev, St. Petersburg and Moscow, which marked the beginning of the world tour.

Beauty and the Beast

The Kyiv Academic Puppet Theater “The Castle on the Mount” presents an incredible, charming, and most importantly New Year’s premiere “The Beauty and the Monster”. It is in our castle that the monster and beauty Belle lives! Come to us from 23.12 to 13.01 and find out about their adventures! Break into the fairy tale with us

Bremen’s Musicians

On the 26th and 27th of August at 17:00 meet: Musical for the whole family “Bremen Musicians”.
Captivating adventures of funny and resourceful characters, funny jokes and favorite songs will not leave indifferent either small or adult audiences. Although there are those who are there … Active members and assistants!

Forest Song

On February 24, the premiere of the drama-fairy-tale “Forest Song” took place under Lesia Ukrainka’s play. Actors (director – Z. Ukraine Leonid Popov, artist – Nikolay Danko, choirmaster – Elena Radko, choreographer – Alyona Voytsekhovskaya) and actors (Igor Ignatenko, Viktoriya Tebeneva, Yuri Hetchikov, Evgeni Ogorodniy, Victoria Ogorodnia-Bondar, Roman Molodiy , Venera Ibragimova) shared the secrets of the creation of the spectacle.

The Magic Lamp of Alladin

Premiere of “The Magic Lamp of Alladin” was held on the 1st June of 2018

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